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Writing as Elizabeth Elson, Joyce has ventured into the world of Ebooks with her series on Women in History. Elizabeth’s carefully researched books uncover the amazing lives of women who managed to carve out their own remarkable destinies while living in the shadow of powerful men. Elizabeth’s biographical fiction exposes the heartbreak, romance, and little-known facts of these unforgettable personalities. Click here to learn more.

Reader Reviews

‘“Julia: Daughter of Rome”. . .  is a quick read, but a really good one at that. We’ve often heard about Octavian, the first Emperor of Rome, and all the stories that go along with his quest to the throne. However, a lot of us fail to realize that he had a daughter named Julia. And even fewer know her story. This tale follows her life as a strategic pawn for her father’s personal gain.’
~  One of My Favorite Reads: August Edition (Aug 12, 2012)  on
Samantha Cangelosi’s Green Eggs and Sam Blog

“Theodora of Constantinople” ‘really gave me a glimpse into the Byzantine Empire and the people who helped shape it. Theodora’s life was full of long journeys and heartache, but the way Elizabeth writes, you can’t help but feel like Theodora planned it all herself just to prove a point to all women out there. She wanted us to know that no matter how many times your life path leads you through a dark forest, you’ll eventually get to the meadow.’
~ One of My Favorite Reads: December Edition (Dec 22, 2012) on Samantha Cangelosi’s Green Eggs and Sam Blog

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Adam de la Halle, a thirteenth century musician, returns to the city of his birth to confront the reality of his failed marriage, but first, he must find the hangmen who stole his purse and his dignity.
As protégé of King Louis’ nephew, Adam attends the university in Paris. When he meets Catherine, a shopkeeper’s daughter, his life takes an unexpected turn.
Catherine is bound to another by a secret she cannot reveal. Her deep religious convictions and guilt for her past bring danger to her and to those she loves. When she decides to join the king’s latest crusade, Adam must confront his disdain for what he considers an intolerant Church, based on his knowledge of its treatment of Cathars and Jews.
Torn by conflicting ideals, they move toward their destiny, each determined to prevail, but the choices they make bring them both to heights and depths neither could ever imagine.


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Detail from A Vision of Fiammetta by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
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