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The Hunting Lodge Mystery is the second book in the Lute Player Mystery Series. When a royal lutenist arrives in Brandenburg to solve the mystery of who is stealing valuables from the cellar of the royal hunting lodge, he learns that a murder has taken place. The reluctant sleuth wades through a series of misleading clues: a lady’s slipper, a tiny key, a false accusation, and more, before discovering the thief and murderer.

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The Stockholm Castle Mystery, the first of a series, is set in 17th-century Stockholm. A reluctant amateur sleuth, the Swedish queen’s lute player, must solve a theft and murder in the castle. As clues pile up, the lute player becomes a target. The book, published on August 5, 2015 by Five Star/Cengage, is the first in the Lute Player Mystery Series.

“Engrossing first in a trilogy from Moore . . . the setting of a medieval castle with secret passages and bat-infested tunnels, a colorful cast of characters, and an intriguing plot make this historical a joy to read.” — read the full review on Publishers Weekly.

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Elizabeth Elson Books

Writing as Elizabeth Elson, Joyce has ventured into the world of Ebooks with her series on Women in History. Elizabeth’s carefully researched books uncover the amazing lives of women who managed to carve out their own remarkable destinies while living in the shadow of powerful men. Elizabeth’s biographical fiction exposes the heartbreak, romance, and little-known facts of these unforgettable personalities. Click here to learn more.

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The Tapestry Shop

Bronze Medal Winner
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Adam de la Halle, a thirteenth century musician, returns to the city of his birth to confront the reality of his failed marriage, but first, he must find the hangmen who stole his purse and his dignity.
As protégé of King Louis’ nephew, Adam attends the university in Paris. When he meets Catherine, a shopkeeper’s daughter, his life takes an unexpected turn.
Catherine is bound to another by a secret she cannot reveal. Her deep religious convictions and guilt for her past bring danger to her and to those she loves. When she decides to join the king’s latest crusade, Adam must confront his disdain for what he considers an intolerant Church, based on his knowledge of its treatment of Cathars and Jews.
Torn by conflicting ideals, they move toward their destiny, each determined to prevail, but the choices they make bring them both to heights and depths neither could ever imagine.

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