Manuscript illustration of Adam

Joyce Elson Moore
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Manuscript illustration of Adam

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From Liz Allenby,
Historical Novels Review

. . .  Moore delights the reader through her use of the sights, smells, and sounds of the 13th century. The novel's pacing never wavers -- the reader chases through every scene in hopes the lovers will be united once again and forever. Basing her main character on the historical figure Adam de la Halle, the author's meticulous research of Arras and the medieval ruins shines through in this detailed and compelling tale.

From Brenda Scott
Manchester Literary Examiner reviews

. . .  Moore takes the few facts known about this real life historical figure, and several fictitious characters, and weaves a magical story of romance and adventure. Her writing is eloquent and the characters so real they elicit strong feelings from the reader as we instantly take on the emotions of her characters.

    From Dr. Carol Symes
Assoc. Professor of History and Medieval Studies
Univ. of Illinois
Author of A Common Stage: Theatre and Public Life in Medieval Arras

The Tapestry Shop evokes a colorful, vibrant world which has long deserved to be woven into a story like this one.

    From Linda Abel
Publisher ofThe Medieval Chronicle

. . . Moore sweeps the reader into a world rarely seen and brings it to life through her skillfully created characters and artistically rendered settings. This is truly a captivating tale that you will not want to put down.

    From Sarah Johnson
Reading the Past

The Tapestry Shop is refreshingly different from other novels set in medieval France. The author’s close attention to detail made the era come alive, creating a historical setting I’d loved to have seen in person.

    From Jani Brooks
Romance Reviews Today

. . .  meticulously researched  . . . Beautifully written, this is an excellent novel for the fan of historical fiction.

From LuAnn Morgan
Reading Frenzy Blog

. . .  the author takes a very little historical entry about a little known figure and weaves a fascinating tale of life in the Middle Ages. And she does an awesome job of it.

    From Wendy M. Vincent
Renaissance Magazine

“The Tapestry Shop” brilliantly illuminates the nuances of daily medieval life  . . . . is highly recommended and will convince the reader to set out on a quest in search of additional historical fiction novels by Joyce Elson Moore.

From Dr. Deborah Nelson-Campbell
Department of French Studies
Rice University
Ed. and Trans. The Lyrics and Melodies of Adam de la Halle

The Tapestry Shop evokes the sights, smells, sounds, and moeurs of thirteenth century France . . . .

About the book
About Adam de la Halle
Read an excerpt
This is the Reviews page
Reader Questions (PDF file)
Press Kit (PDF file)
Order the book

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