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Haunt Hunter’s Guide to Florida

In Florida's folk history libraries, one can read of apparitions and other hauntings in documents dating back decades. Florida has an extensive history, and many ghost sites are located in coastal areas where settlers first landed. Numerous ghosts have been reported in older homes, some of which are now listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Some of the more interesting and well-documented haunting sites are in public places such as theaters, parks, and cultural centers—all easily accessible. The stories have recurring themes—unexplained drafts or sounds, items moved, apparitions seen—but the people who tell of these experiences reflect America's diversity. All those who were interviewed—among them a retired Southern matron, a school teacher, park rangers, business people, and many others—were aware that not everyone believes in spirits of the past. Most were reluctant to believe what they saw or heard until the phenomenon became so persistent as to be undeniable. The contributors usually describe themselves as having previously been skeptics.

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The book is intended to serve as a guide for those who want to experience a different side of Florida than what most visitors see. The locations described in the book represent a cultural and historic cross-segment of Florida. The site locations are presented in a way that will allow the visitor to easily enjoy experiencing them, while coming to know and love Florida for its sometimes unusual past.

Construction of Tabby House on Fort George Island was begun by a planter for his married daughter. The still unfinished house, with holes where doors and windows were planned, is occupied only by the ghost of the planter, who met an unexpected, violent death.

The St. Francis Inn in St. Augustine, America's oldest city, is haunted by several “friendly” spirits, especially in Room 3A.

Three rectors were buried beneath the floor in Old Christ Church in Pensacola. One hundred fifty years later, a college student ‘saw’ the clergymen as they appeared when they were buried.

Pirates burying their treasure—and wishing to keep it secret—killed Annie Simpson and her wolfhound dog, whose ghosts are still seen by visitors to Shell Mound at Cedar Key.


‘ . . .by using this book as a guide, you can make interesting day trips to some of Florida's most historic and legendary places.’ — The Tampa Tribune.

‘Although other Florida ghost story books are finally appearing on bookshelves, “Haunt Hunters Guide to Florida” is THE essential book on the subject.’ — William Moriaty, in La Floridiana.

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